Pre-Seed Workshop—NY

The Pre-Seed Workshops were started in 2004 in Rochester, NY and spread throughout the state. PSWs are now being held about eight times a year in various Host City locations throughout New York State including Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Ithaca, Geneva, Albany, and Long Island. Potsdam and Binghamton participate in the “I-81 Corridor” workshops in Syracuse. With more than 100 major participating organizations, PSW-NY is one of the largest grass-roots initiatives in the state facilitating the growth of entrepreneurship and the creation of start-up companies across the region.

To support this grassroots initiative, the PSW-NY Consortium was formed. The consortium is an informal network primarily of the Host City Coordinators, who coordinate an annual calendar for the state, share best practices, maintain metrics, cross-pollinate workshops, etc.

PSW-NY is also the recipient of a grant awarded by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) which provides scholarship funding to teams developing clean and renewal energy technologies.

The type of regional roll-out achieved in NYS can be replicated in any state.

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"How often are we ever thrilled with a process? If I were to have written down my most imaginative expectations, I would never have come up with a workshop like this. This was not a simple ho-hum-we’ve-done-all-this-before. It was fresh, intense, and exciting."

Idea Champion from the Albany PSW
January 2007

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