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Neworks was established to help better leverage academic R&D to create new start-up companies which can create jobs and generate revenues for regional economic growth.

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Pre-Seed Workshop

The PSW is an efficient methodology to investigate the commercial potential of new inventions based on academic R&D.

The federal government expends $100B annually for basic R&D at universities and federal labs throughout the country and except for in regions like Silicon Valley and Boston, most of this R&D is "under-commercialized".  While university researchers may spend up to 10 years and $10M of federal funds developing their cutting-edge technologies, they rarely feel they have 3-6 months to spend in a commercialization program with uncertain outcomes and none may exist in their area.  For this demographic, high-density, high-intensity, locally-based methodologies are needed, which is why Neworks created the 2 1/2 day PSW.

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Orphan Technology Workshop

The OTW is an efficient methodology to investigate the commercial potential of orphan technologies within large corporations.

In corporations throughout the country, technologies that may have high commercial potential but that are non-strategic to the company's mission are lying dormant. These "orphan technologies" are rarely spun-out into new companies. To assist in the transformation of orphans to start-ups, Neworks created the Orphan Technologies Workshop (OTW).

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Investor Presentation Workshop

IPW turns technology investigations from PSW or OTW into robust investor presentations.

High-tech ventures typically require venture capital. But new entrepreneurs emanating from universities and corporations have had little training in "pitching" investors. If, after they have participated in a PSW or OTW, they elect to start a company, they need a crash course on preparing and presenting an investor pitch. Neworks designed the Investor Presentation Workshop (IPW) to meet this need.

Technology Coach

TechCoach™ workshop outlines the top reasons technologies are stunted in commercialization and provides tools that attack those challenges.

There is a huge trend for entrepreneurial thinking and better moving research out of laboratories and into actual market usage. These are easy philosophies around which to rally. Actually implementing technology commercialization is an extremely difficult, multi-year, culture-changing proposition. It affects everyone in the organizational and community ecosystems.  Many of the programs offered to educate and engage are too lecture-based, carry on across many weeks, are shy on tactical tools that can be immediately put to use, and fail to build a framework for long-term alignment.  TechCoach was specifically designed as the perfect hybrid: a 6-hour introductory “lecture/hands-on/tool” for any group trying to increase their technology-commercialization acumen.

Prelude Financials

The Prelude™ Financials workshop introduces two basic tools used to analyze ideas from the investor’s side: a simplified pro forma, and a basic capitalization table.

Bringing technologies into the market most commonly puts a significant amount of capital at risk that far exceeds the personal bank accounts of the entrepreneurs involved. Hence, ideas languish or raise capital from other sources.  If researchers have not been exposed to the return on investment view of commercialization, they often overvalue the worth of their early-stage ideas, and can become frustrated with the inevitabilities of the fund raising process.


The Prelude pro forma is a simplified Profit & Loss statement calculated with just 7 critical numbers.  The Prelude Cap Table shows the financial exit of a successful idea after 5 investment tranches. Both tools are given in an interactive format such that teams play around with different assumptions and business models and witness the financial impact on their idea.


"High-intensity, high-density,  high-impact workshops where not a minute of time is used frivolously.  That's how I would describe a Neworks event."

Ithaca PSW, April 2011

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