Neworks has implemented a train-the-trainer (T-T-T) program to help regions "take over" their own programming, if desired.

The first workshop in a region will be conducted by two Neworks facilitators.  We encourage and expect that the community will be queuing up some of their "own people" or "trainee candidates" to take over.  Those individuals should serve as a team coach for the first event.

The second workshop in a region is again conducted by two Neworks facilitators.  Now, at least two selected trainees will shadow the facilitators for the entire event.  They will receive training manuals and guidance on all aspects of facilitation.  After the second workshop, web-live practice sessions and mock workshops will be scheduled.

By the third workshop held in a region, one Neworks facilitator will pair up with the two trainees to deliver the workshop.  At this point, the trainees should each be conducting up to half of the workshop depending on their confidence and comfort level.

By the fourth workshop, the community should be "on its own" and operating with a license from Neworks.

Note that any community that prefers "HQ facilitators" may contract with Neworks for continued service rather than elect to participate in a T-T-T program.


"I have worked with organizations that conduct programs to provide the same soft of outcomes you are trying to achieve.  However, your approach, organization and delivery were superior to any I have seen.  Yours required a lot more engagement by the participants but the outcomes were better as well.  Well -conceived and expertly presented.  Great job."

South Bend PSW, October 2010

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