Every workshop we conduct requires a "host", i.e., someone who takes the lead in organizing an event. Our host coordinators are trained by Neworks on the "how-to's" of planning their first PSW, IPW, or OTW as well as establishing an on-going program that is well-integrated into the entrepreneurial (or intrapreneurial) ecosystem within their region (or corporation).

A pre-event site visit is arranged where Neworks managers meet with the organizing team and check on facilities for the workshop. An operations manual is provided to all Hosts and reviewed during the first visit. The manual includes information about marketing, building teams, selecting the proper facilities, financing the workshop, securing local sponsors, etc. Also, all Hosts are provided with access to electronic files posted on a password protected website. Electronic files include downloadable marketing collateral, planning tools, and workshop preparation materials.







"This was the best structured and most complete program of this type that I've attended.  The skill mix in my group was broad and balanced making the group work both productive and outright enjoyable.  I was glad to participate and would do so again.  Thanks."

IIthaca PSW, April 2011

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