Partnering to Increase Entrepreneurial Tempo

Neworks offers regions high-intensity technology commercialization programs to bolster their entrepreneurial culture.  We can demonstrate how well these workshops drive results, but after a few demonstrations, we'll empower you to conduct them yourselves.  True sustainable change will come through those local individuals who take ownership of the programs and weave them into the fabric of their communities.  As we franchise our programs, we are creating an entrepreneurial network of adopters across the nation and world.

Corporate Programs that Help You Implement


Experiential workshops are not simply dates marked on a calendar but rather require a significant amount of behind-the-scenes preparation. We work hand-in-hand with our Host-City Coordinators to train and then transfer the activities needed to find Idea Champions, build out healthy cross-community and cross-functional teams, and carry-out the event planning.

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While Corporate facilitators are available indefinitely, Neworks offers a Train-the-Trainer program to engage top notch facilitators in your region.  In addition to stand-up delivery, facilitating our workshops requires behind-the-scenes pre-event preparation and post-event follow up.  Neworks provides training on all aspects of facilitating a workshop.

Form a Consortium

For cross-regional areas holding multiple workshops or single regions building up a community of commercialization fans, supporters, and alumni, Neworks can assist in setting up an on-line portal.


Host cities for the Pre-Seed Workshops currently include Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Ithaca, Geneva, Albany, Long Island, South Bend, Indiana and Indianapolis.  We recently expanded into Europe and held our first PSW in Geneva Switzerland, September 2012. Wheel Diagram