The Neworks Team

Neworks is managed by two principals Judy Albers and Mark Wilson and a small support staff.  Mark and Judy open new regions and serve as lead facilitators until each region is established and comfortable operating on their own.

We have a growing pool of incredible Host Coordinators who believe in technology commercialization and care deeply for the excitement and economic growth that entrepreneurial success brings to their regions.

Neworks is also building a team of advisors who share a passion for moving ideas forward through a blend of objective analytical discipline and hands-on action.

All on the Neworks team are of the mind that our communities should "stop holding economic planning meetings and start doing something"!







"My overall experience at the Pre-Seed Workshop was outstanding.  The leadership created a very classy, professional, intellectual, energetic, and productive environment which maximized all the participants' time and energy.  What I liked most was the format and how fast we moved through the different modules.  The energy of the PSW organizers, facilitators, and team members was beyond inspiring."

Buffalo PSW, June 2010

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