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Top reasons technologies are stunted in commercialization. Tools that attack those challenges and shape ideas for success.

Lecture with hands-on working session. Meant as a primer for spotting common problems in commercializing technologies and what to do about them.  Attendees will be divided into sub groups to work on a SimCard™ Deck—a set of cards that contain a generic pool of “technologies hoping to be commercialized”, and form a simulation exercise around the core teaching elements. Each team will present their recommendation on which technologies to avoid, which one to commercialize, how they came to their decisions, and how to mitigate the top challenges their particular technology will face in commercialization. Attendees do not work on their own ideas but will reflect on any lessons the Simulation brings out.  Great program to provide a high-level appreciation and/or feed into subsequent workshops.  Clients can also gain value from the screening framework as real examples are shared among the staff over the next several years.

Contact time:  6-hours.

Customization:  Morning lecture, Tech-Screening matrix tool, and SimCard™ deck can be modified to have an increased slant toward certain technologies and associated businesses of interest.


Example flyer/application with overview of content and timing and samples of the SimCard™ deck



"This was one of the most productive workshops I've ever attended, including ones I paid a lot of money to participate in.  I significantly refined my message, improved my presentation skills, and created a product that I felt proud of by the end.  I cannot think of an event where I got more value for my money than in these two days."

Rochester IPW, September 2008

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