Orphan Technology Workshop

The OTW is an efficient methodology to investigate the commercial potential of orphan technologies within large corporations.

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The OTW is a 2-½ day corporate event for large hi-tech companies to investigate the commercial potential of their orphan technologies. Much like the PSW, the OTW rallies company talent and resources around patented inventions that may or may not have a "parent" technologist or division. We create 6 - 8 teams for each workshop. We take teams through a series of structured hands-on sessions to develop a best possible business case for an invention. Teams leave with a thin potential commercialization plan to be implemented either internal or external to the Company. Possibly, some other decision may be rendered regarding the future of the technology. Our objective is to create an adoption or abandonment plan for these orphans.






As major corporations have been shrinking across the nation, our workshops have played a role in forming more than 120 new start-up companies. 

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