Investor Presentation Workshop

The IPW is a next step program after the Pre-Seed Workshop to prepare robust, investor presentations.

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The IPW is a 1-½ day program designed as a compliment to the PSW. In the PSW, we tell our participants that the focus is on assessing the viability of their business concept not on slide asthetics or presentation delivery. In the IPW, we are not assessing the viability of the business concept but rather presentation style, delivery, slide asthetics and the effective use of those slides. The IPW picks up where the PSW left off. Our objectives are to prepare participants to give a compelling concise, coherent, 20 minute investor presentation. We provide an opportunity for participants to evaluate each other’s presentations and we help participants understand their target investors and what constitutes an appropriate ask.

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"This was one of the most productive workshops I've ever attended, including ones I paid a lot of money to participate in.  I significantly refined my message, improved my presentation skills, and created a product that I felt proud of by the end.  I cannot think of an event where I got more value for my money than in these two days."

Rochester IPW, September 2008

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