Turning Up the Heat on Entrepreneurship

Training Scientists, Translating Technologies, Transforming Regions

Neworks is an entrepreneurial training and technology transformation company, best known as the umbrella organization for the Pre-Seed Workshops (PSW) www.preseedworkshop.com.  PSWs are becoming integrated into the fabric of entrepreneurial communities across the nation.

We orient scientists to the world of business and transform their high-tech inventions into commercializable oopportunities in some of the most intense, rapid turn-around, technology commercialization programs in the country.  Our training vehicles are one to three day events well crafted to fully immerse participants in meaningful assignments that catapult teams forward towards creating start-up companies, new products, or licensing opportunities.

During these workshops, we use:

  • Mini-lectures and hands-on working sessions
  • Lots of peer and expert mentoring from other community members and corporate staff
  • Real ideas and inventions, not case studies

Through these workshops, we:

  • Move university and orphan technologies towards commercialization
  • Build the foundational plans for new startup companies, internal corporate ventures, or licensing opportunities
  • Provide experiential learning on presenting a concise and compelling business case

Neworks also trains entrepreneurial trainers on how to conduct and license our high-intensity workshops for use in their regions. We help the Host City Coordinators of our workshops create consortia for mutual support, collaboration, and cross-pollination.

Over the last ten years, 71 Pre-Seed Workshops have been held, with 2,991 community professionals participating on 453 teams, which have investigated the commercial potential of 453 high-tech ideas, to create or strengthen more than 170+ high tech start-up companies.

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